If you have any questions about website production, please feel free to call us or click on the “ESTIMATION” button at the bottom right of the screen or click contact button of main menu to contact us and discuss.

Customers who contact us by phone will be contacted by phone, and customers who contact us via the form will be contacted by email.
We may not be able to answer your call, but we will call you back later.
Please note that when you call us, the call will be from your mobile number 090-5877-6809.
By phone or email, we will ask you about the details of the website you are considering creating and your requests, so we would appreciate it if you could answer as much as possible.

If we are able to accommodate your website building, we will listen to your convenience and arrange a date and time for our visit. However, please note that the areas that we can visit are limited, so if you are outside of the target area, we will be able to respond to you by phone or Zoom.ADDITIONAL COMMENT

We will visit your company, office, store, etc. to listen to your needs in detail.
If you would like to talk at a coffee shop or other location, we will meet you at a location of your choice. By the date of your visit, we will discuss the content of the homepage you are considering creating, what you would like to do with the homepage, how you would like to utilize the homepage, the address of the homepage that you would like to use as reference for the design and content, and the budget for creating the homepage. We would appreciate it if you could prepare as much as possible.
We will meet with you directly and listen in detail to the purpose of creating your homepage, how to use it, your budget, and if you are renewing your homepage, we will listen to you in detail about your current homepage’s problems, requests, direction.
When giving an estimate, we will need to ask you in detail about the content, number of pages, design, etc. of the homepage we will create, but if this is your first homepage and you are not sure what kind of homepage you want, we will be able to provide you with an approximate estimated price.
We believe that you usually visit various websites. If you have any favorite designs, homepage structures, functions, etc. of homepages of other companies in the same industry or other industries, please let us know as we would like to use them as a reference for homepage creation and design.ADDITIONAL COMMENT
We will estimate the cost of creating your website based on your needs those website design and contents.
We can provide you with an accurate estimate at this point, unless additional charges are incurred during the production process, such as adding pages, adding functions, system development, or creating original materials.
Please note that if you have not decided on the specific content of your homepage production, the estimated cost will be a rough estimate.
The discount amount will vary depending on the total number of pages, the scale of the homepage, the content of the work, additional features, and annual contract details.
The estimate will include the amount after the discount, so even if the number of pages produced, number of online shop product registrations, options, etc. are less than the number at the time of the estimate, we cannot accept a reduction. Thank you for your understanding.ADDITIONAL COMMENT
Once you have confirmed the quotation and estimated price and are happy with it, we will sign a contract.
After confirming the content of the homepage production, the homepage release date, precautions, etc., we ask you to sign and affix your seal to the contract.
Please hand the contract directly to us, or send us a PDF email or post.
We are really sorry that we ask that you pay half of the estimated total payment amount as an application deposit at this time.
*We are really sorry that customers whose total payment amount is less than 130,000 yen are requested to pay the full amount at the time of application.
Please prepare pictures, videos, materials, text, etc. to be used on the website.
If you are using the LINE app, we would appreciate it if you could register so that we can communicate smoothly with you about production.
For customers who are creating a new homepage or a homepage using a new domain, we first ask them to decide on the domain name of the homepage they want to create. There may be cases where the domain name has already been acquired by someone else, so we would appreciate it if you could prepare some domain name candidates.
At the same time as thinking about a domain name, please prepare the text data, photos, etc. necessary for creating the website. We ask that the text data you provide be pre-filled data entered using text creation software such as Word or Notepad.
We also ask that the photos you provide be as high quality as possible. For any other information necessary for production, please contact us individually.
We also accept requests for separate photo shoots, photo shoots by professional photographers, and video shoots, so please feel free to contact us.ADDITIONAL COMMENT
We will use the data you have provided to create the top page design for your homepage.
The top page design is the basic design of the site we will create, and first we decide on the basic colors, basic structure, menu, etc. that will be the pillars of the homepage creation. After that, we will arrange the layout according to the customer’s needs.
Once we have decided on the top page design, we will contact you with an address where you can check the design. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the top page design and contact us.
If you are happy with proceeding with the proposed design, we will move forward so that we can show you the top page design in its completed form, and if any corrections are necessary at that point, we will contact you again after we corrected things these you pointed.
We will contact you when the top page design is completed. Please check again and let us know your requests at that time. Please note that we will proofread the top page design up to three times.
Please note that once the top page design has been finalized, it will be considered the final draft, and we will not be able to accept any changes to the top page design other than minor corrections after this point.ADDITIONAL COMMENT
We will begin production of the entire homepage other than the top page. The production period for general corporate website production is 1 to 2 months, depending on the materials required for website production that the customer collects.
During the homepage production process, we will contact you several times to inform you about the progress of the homepage production. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the production details each time.
We will contact you several times during the production process, so please check our website every time. We will contact you once all page creation is complete.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check all the images and photos on the website, check for typos, check optional features, check the online shopping cart, check on your smartphone screen, etc. Masu.
Regarding the design of pages other than the top page, please note that the top page design is the basic design and we cannot accept changes.
After checking all pages and functions, if there are no problems with the produced homepage, we will begin transferring the homepage data to the acquired domain.ADDITIONAL COMMENT
At this point, we are really sorry that we will ask you to pay the entire remaining amount. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. The payment will be made in two installments, but the transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Thank you very much.
After confirming the payment, we will upload the homepage data to the server of the contracted domain and make the homepage public.
At this point, you can actually check your homepage on the domain you have acquired.
Please also check your email and contact form. All of the websites we currently create are created using WordPress, a system that allows you to work on the Internet.
Please note that all of the website data we have created is available on the Internet, and we cannot separately copy the data onto a USB memory or DVD and hand it over to you.
Please do a final check of the homepage design, structure, problems when viewed on a computer or smartphone, typos, etc. ADDITIONAL COMMENT